MONO liberates itself from the dogma of strict functionalities and researches old and new forms of space and material, free from self inflicted burdens.

MONO does not pretend that architecture provides solutions but acknowledges that good architecture is relevant. Serendipity is crucial in the research of MONO.

Any obtained commission or taken initiative is an inducement to create an autonomous work. All MONO projects are teamwork.

MONO is Gijs Baks, Stijn de Weerd, Joost Baks and Remi Versteeg and an international team of young architects and interns.

Current team are Carlos Callejo, Naomi Cheungs San, Bram van den Heuvel, Vincent van Leeuwen, Lars Goossens, Ines van Sandick, Margarida Konig dos Santos, Katarina Labathova and Anke Verhees.

Former team were Eric Goldhorn, Jonathan Hibma, Martina Lucchese, Anna Paluch, Job van der Sande and Maria Vankova.

MONO is and has been teaching and lecturing at several Dutch Architectural Schools, like TU Delft, Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


De Purmaryn, 2015
JOOLZ Workspace, 2015
Labhotel, 2014
Rebel House, 2014
SH House, 2014
New School Apartments Zaaiersweg, 2013
Dames Dietz, 2012
V House, 2012
Villa Laos, 2010


Keizersgracht 126
1015 CW Amsterdam
0031 20 2044598
0031 6 44602071

© MONO 2014

  • DD-1
    Dames Dietz in Oegstgeest | NL 2012
  • jools-01
    Joolz Workspace in Amsterdam | NL 2015
  • LABHOTEL_construction-06
    Labhotel in Amsterdam | NL 2015
  • Booger-Project-02
    Booger Project | Research | NL 2015
  • laos-for-web
    Villa Laos in Wieng Chan | LAOS 2014
  • Zaai for web
    New School Apartments Zaaiersweg in Amsterdam | NL 2015
  • Villa-austria-for-web-01
    Villa Grosse in Aschau | AUT 2014
  • MONO REBEL entree
    REBEL house in Almere | NL 2014
  • MONO EGMOND PLASTIC model front copy
    Egmond Plastic Factory in Alkmaar | NL 2013
  • MONO SH day
    SH house in Bentveld | NL 2014
    Icons of Lifestyle in Amsterdam | NL 2014